How to Throw a Great Pool Party

Pool parties often require more than just a clean and refreshing pool to use, but that’s not all. Whether you are throwing a pool party for kids or adults, there needs to be a bit more in terms of planning and forethought to throw a truly epic backyard bash!

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Once you’ve picked a date and gotten the logistics prepared, then get extra pool supplies ready. Things like towels, sunglasses, bottled water, and pool noodles. It’s good to have several extra because guests might forget some. Clean the pool yourself or with the help of Pool services San Clemente to make sure the water is fine! 

Next, come up with some activities for people to do, such as volleyball, marco polo, and other games. These can be good if you have young children at the party, and can be fun for adults too!

For food, you don’t want to have heavy meals, and you probably want to set up a dry area so people who have been in the pool aren’t getting the food wet. Sandwiches, snacks, and drinks are all great ideas for light food items. Along with hamburgers and hot dogs, because there’s nothing more fun than a poolside cookout! Especially if a lot of people are involved. Ask guests to bring a food item too, so you can reduce your amount of cooking.

Finally, consider the theme of your party. If you are bringing a lot of people to the pool party, especially young children, then having a few more activities and toys in the water can be good to keep them occupied. If the pool party is for adults, then focusing more on the dinner and conversation is a good idea. Figure out who your guests are and then tailor the party to meet them, and above all, if you have fun and share some good stories, then the party is always a success.