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Lisa asks…

Where can I get a very cheap updo in Madison, WI?

I need a very cheap, inexepensive, simple updo for my middle school graduation. Where can I get my hair styled into an updo for very cheap? I have tried…

- Studio Z
- Ultimate Spa and Salon
- Cost Cutters
- Great Clips

Need for under 20 dollars

admin answers:

JC Penney

David asks…

Major haircut dilemma?

Okay, so here are 2 pics of me, taken a few months ago. I look pretty ridiculous b/c I was dressed up for a costume party: So, I’m in major need of a haircut, but I can’t decide on what to do with it, or where to go to get it done. Right now, my hair is way past my shoulders and I want it to be a little shorter. I look terrible with short hair, so the shortest I’d go is medium length. I was thinking about changing up my bangs. I usually wear them to the side like in the pics, so I was thinking maybe doing brow-skimming bangs, kind of like in this pic:

What do you think? I know if you’re not careful they can make your face look heavier. What else do you think I could do for length and style and such? I also wear it curly and wavy, since that’s my natural hair type.

Now, which salon? Cost Cutters (I want to save $), or my usual salon that I love? Would you go to CC?
About the hair salon dilemma. Which one should I choose? I’m trying to save a little $ this month, so that’s why I was considering the Cost Cutters down the street. I’m nervous about a bad haircut, but it’s a little cheaper than my usual salon. So, what do you think? Cost Cutters, or my regular place where it’s more expensive but I’ve never not loved a haircut I’ve gotten there? Sounds like a no-brainer, but I’m torn! Thanks in advance! =]

admin answers:

I think that your hair would look best on you at or right below the shoulders with some long layers in it and the bangs i feel would really accent well with your face. It is a good change i think sometimes to switch things up and if you get them to keep the bangs long, you will still be able to brush them off to the side on days you want that side swept look still. If it were me, i would not go to a cost cutters that is just my opinion. I as a stylist would not work in cost cutters because i feel they are too rushed and do not take the time to make you feel at home and feel like they are there to help you. I get the impression that they are there to get you in that chair and out as fast as possible. I like working in a salon/spa atmosphere where it may cost my clients more money, but i know they are coming in and can relax and i can treat them well and they are in good hands! not that there is anything against cost cutters though lol its just not my thing. hope this helps!

Mary asks…

Hair cut locations?

Well I’ll give a brief description of me. I am a guy, and have really thick hair, of indian(asian) descent. I currently have long hair(12+ inches).

I want to get it cut short, really short. so that the sides are a little less than an inch or two and the top is able to cross across my head(so 5 inches or so). and after all that I want to get it relaxed, because I used to straighten it, and it took some time.

What are known hair salons that have really good hair cutters and about how much would it cost to get what I want(a short haircut and relaxed)? And one where guys go to would be REALLY nice(I really don’t want to be the only guy in there, you know?)
Oh, well I meant in general. What are known hair salons that normally treat both sexes and provide very good haircuts? Last time I got on was over an year ago, so I don’t know of any.

admin answers:

Ask your guy friends where they go or if they can recommend a stylist. That’s the best way to find someone to do your hair.

James asks…

Does anyone know of a nation-wide chain like Cost Cutters, etc., that does haircuts with a…?

I have seen this done on TV in the fancy salons and I love the way the hair turns out!
If you have had a razor cut like this, did you like it or not??

admin answers:

First of all, I do get my hair razor cut and I love it. The problem with finding a nationwide chain where you can have your hair razor cut is, that it is a technique that requires a fair amount of training to do it correctly, even at an expensive salon, you will not find that all of the stylists know how to do a razor cut, and according to my stylist, this isn’t something you want done by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing (I asked her the last time I had my hair cut).

If you want to get this done at an inexpensive chain, you should call the local stores and ask if any of their stylists use a razor when they cut hair (I think there might be a certification process involved as well). Or you could also look up to see if there are any beauty schools near by and find out what they charge and if any of the students do razor cuts. Or you could call a salon and find out if any of the junior stylists do razor cuts and what they charge. At the salon I go to the prices range from about $25 to $80, you might also get lucky as in some of the salons they do in house training on various techniques which take longer, but are free or reduced price (and should be supervised by a pretty good stylist), unfortunately, the stylists typically get their friends, families and preferred clients signed up for these demonstrations, so you are unlikely to be used as a demonstration model unless they are hard up for a model.

Chris asks…

How much does it cost to get…?

Uhm, I’ll be going to a place called first choice hair cutters ~

And why do I want to dye my hair black? Because its my choice and I like the colour black in my hair :]

Why I want to go to a salon ~ Because of my eyebrows mostly, Since I have strawberry blonde hair. I cant just go walking around with black hair and blondish looking eyebrows..
How much does it cost to get your hair dyed black + Get your eyebrows done at the same time at the salon?

Thanks in advance :]

admin answers:

it honestly depends on which salon you go to. If they’re a place with high rent and not many clients, prices will be through the roof. If you’re looking for something cheaper, try a place a little out of the way with a good reputation. low rent and lots of clients make it cheaper for you.

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